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"Tone, Touch, Taste, and Technique are the tools used by master musicians. Jerry is truly a "master" and he is blessed with an abundance of all the right qualities it takes. Jerry is among the elite steel guitarists of today."
Paul Franklin
Nashville Studio Musician

Record Credits:


Buck Owens:

Streets of Bakersfield    Palm of your Hand
Ain't Gonna Have Ole Buck to Kick Around No More
The Good Ole Days    Hello Trouble
Great Expectations        Weekend Daddy
41st Street Lonely Hearts' Club
Monsters Holiday         Big Game Hunter
Cover of the Music City News

(Buck and Susan Raye)
Lookin' Back to See 
Love Makes the World Go Round 

Susan Raye:
Everybody's Somebody's Fool
Love Sure Feels Good in my Heart
Watcha' Gonna Do with a Dog like That
The Cheating Game
You Can Sure See It from Here
Stop the World and Let Me Off
Plastic Trains, Paper Planes
Wheel of Fortune
When You get Back from Nashville

Tony Booth:
Happy Hour
Secret Love
Lonely Street
Someday I'm Gonna go to Mexico
High as the Mountains
Old Faithful
Would You Settle for Roses
Watch Out For Lucy
Good as Gone

Workin' at the Carwash Blues
Midnight Race

Buddy Alan:
All Around Cowboy of 1964


Buck Owens:
 Ain't It Amazing Gracie
 41st Street Lonely Hearts Club
Live at the White House
Palm of your Hand
 Arm's Full of Empty
 Monsters Holiday
 Meanwhile Back At The Ranch
 Best of Buck Owens Vol. 5
 Best of Buck Owens Vol. 6
Bakersfield, Nashville West
California Christmas (Various Artists)
The Buck Owens Collection

Buck Owens/Susan Raye:

 The Good Ole Days
 The Best of Buck Owens and Susan Raye

Susan Raye:
 The Cheating Game
The Best of Susan Raye
Singing Susan Raye
 Wheel of Fortune
Watcha Gonna Do with a Dog Like That
Plastic Trains, Paper Trains
Hymns by Susan Raye
 16 Greatest Hits

Tony Booth:
 Happy Hour 
 Workin' at the Carwash Blues 
This is Tony Booth
Lawanda Lindsey--- The Best Of Lawanda
Buddy Alan--- Chains/All around Cowboy
Arlo Gutherie--- Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys
Rex Humbard Family---Live in Hawaii
The Cathedrals
*Re-Cut during my time with Buck

Live Albums:
Buck Owens:

Live at the Sydney Opera House
Live in New Zealand
Live In Japan

Other National Artists: 
Arlo Gutherie
David Frizzell
Rex Humbard
Mary Lou Turner
Johnny Russell
Madelyn Manning Jackson
Mayf Nutter
The Cathedrals
Joyful Noise
Rachel Sweet

Nominations by the CMA, Academy of Country Music, Music City News: Number One Band, The Buckaroos
British Music Journal: Most Promising Steel Guitarist
OCMA: Musician of the Year
ESCMA: Number One Musician
Top 101 Legends who rocked on a Fender Twin Reverb amp (2003)


Nominated for Board of Directors, CMA
Presidential Award: For "Outstanding Contributions to the Country Music" 
Executive Producer/Director, Jamboree USA radio Broadcast, Columbia Pictures.
Pittsburgh Advertising Award: Alcoa Aluminum
Faron Young Live for K-Tel
Jamboree in the Hills: Executive Producer/Director
Jamboree USA Syndicated Re-broadcast: Mutual Broadcasting and Blair Radio Network
Jamboree In The Hills Television Special (Showtime)
American Greetings Country Series E-Cards

Television Credits
Hee-Haw (134 shows) DVD's now available
Buck Owens Ranch Show
Mike Douglas
Tonight Show Johnny Carson
Merv Griffin
Dinah Shore

Memorable Performances
Houston Astro Dome, Madison Square Gardens, LA Forum,
Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Dever, CO, Grand Ole Opry, The White House, Sydney Opera House, Salt Palace, Hawaii Civic Center, Philadelphia Spectrum, Lee Gardens in Hong Kong, 
McCormick Place, Disney World Grand Opening, Frontier Days in Cheyenne, WY; The Sands Hotel, The Frontier Hotel, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.


Peavey Electronics
S.I.T. Strings
Peterson Tuners
Walker Seats
Hilton Electronics
B.J.S. Bars

National Act 
Live Performances

Buck Owens
Susan Raye
Tony Booth
Buddy Alan
Glen Campbell
Charlie Pride
Janie Fricke
Joe Stampley
Bakersfield Brass
George Morgan
Grand Ole Opry
Billy Crash Craddock
Johnny Russell
Roy Clark
Lynn Anderson
David Frizzell
Hank Thompson
Lawanda Lindsey
Mary Lou Turner
Peter Cooper
Connie Smith
David Church

Jerry is mentioned several times in the recent 
Buck Owens Biography released in 2010









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