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It's well documented thanks to the Internet that Jerry was and still is known as a world class musician. But what many people don't know, is he also had, and continues to have a successful career within the business side of the music industry. Jerry left the music business in 1982 and was absent for over 23 years raising his family. 

Today, as a consultant, a lot that Jerry is involved in is "behind the scenes" so to speak, and thus not as visible to the general public as much as the musician side of his career is.

Jerry was the Executive Producer and Director for the Columbia Pictures owned  "Wheeling Jamboree" from 1977-1982.  His involvement during those years as one of the largest concert promoters in the US, kept him in close contact with all of the National Artists, Record Labels, Talent Agencies and Management Companies representing the top Acts of the world including William Morris, MCA, RCA, ICM, Columbia, Capital, and United Artists.
His involvement with Jamboree in the Hills with Glen Reeves,  became the blue-print for today's country music festivals. He was a member of The Nashville Talent Buyers Association. He also produced concerts for Detroit Diesel Allison, a Division of General Motors, and a special half-time show at the legendary Cotton Bowl.
He was nominated for a position on the Board of Directors for the CMA. He produced  TV Specials for Showtime along with a TV Special on Faron Young for K-Tel. He Produced a "Country Concert Weekend" at Sea-World featuring Alabama and others.
During this period, he managed 5 divisions and recruited and signed over  75 music acts.  Among the numerous awards he received, one award one stood out as he received the Presidential Award  from Jimmie Carter for "Outstanding Contributions to Country Music". 
In 1982, he accepted a position with SIT String Company, migrating him further away from the music business. He was eventually promoted to General  Manager.  He also developed sales, marketing,  advertising strategies, and other creative developments.  He personally served as artist relations liaison for selected SIT signatory artists including Steve Lukather, G.E. Smith, Tim Pierce, Buddy Emmons, support musicians for Michael Jackson, Kenny Loggins, and The Grand Ole Opry staff band.

In 1989, Jerry made a decision to leave the music business entirely in order to become a more active part, along with his wife Kathie, in the raising of their 2 daughters.  In 2002, he returned to the music business full time both as a musician and producer for recording sessions and as an independent consultant for musical artists and other related organizations.
many of the consulting services Jerry is engaged in does not permit him to legally discuss the details of projects with the various company's due to contractual agreements.  What we can tell you is he is working as a consultant for musical instrument manufactures,  concert promoters and venues, artist development and corporate accounts within the music industry.  
Jerry acknowledges that his visibility since his return may seem somewhat brief  based on what he's able to talk about in regard to the business side of things, but let us assure you that there's plenty going on and much more to come for him after his 23 year absence. 

Some Clients Jerry has worked with for various projects: