The Business Side of Jerry

I've been blessed throughout my musical career to have been a part of many wonderful things surrounding music. I left music in 1982 to be an active part in my family, and I wouldn't change that decision if I had to do it all over again. Fortunately since I returned to music as a profession in 2001, that continues. I don't claim to be anything special, and I realize my total absence from music causes a large gap between then and now. A dear friend once said, I never stayed  long enough to get the recognition I deserved.  I suppose that's true, and I'm very ok with that.  I accept the challenge. 
So, today I may be playing or producing a record session, the next day I may be working as a consultant on someone's project, and the next day, I may be performing at a concert. The following pages will outline my history and some of the things currently going on in my career. 


The Musician Side of Jerry