With a musician and business career spanning over 3 ½ decades in professional music…a multi instrumentalist earning him  legendary status in country music’s history …a member of Grammy nominated and multi award winning Buck Owens and The Buckaroos…134 appearances on the CBS Network TV Show, Hee-Haw…performing on over 400 International record releases landing 35 top 20 singles on Capital Records…5 World Tours…meeting 3 Presidents of The United States…His ground start involvement with creating the largest country music event, "Jamboree in the Hills"…General Manager of the Columbia Pictures owned WWVA Wheeling Jamboree…nomination for the CMA Board of Directors…working with country music legends Johnny Cash, Roy Clark, Alabama, Dolly Parton, George Jones, Merle Haggard, The Oak Ridge Boys, Charlie Pride,  Kenny Rogers... Concert Producer for ZZ Top, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, Bruce Springsteen, Willie Nelson, Tom Jones, Billy Joel, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and many others…8 National product endorsements…
More then enough to highlight any career, but that’s just the first half…


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"Jerry Brightman is the fastest steel guitar player I've ever heard, but that has nothing to do with the reasons he's so successful. His greatest asset is his mind, which is fully understanding of tradition and authenticity but which also points him to originality and innovation. If given the opportunity to walk a musical mile in his shoes, many of us would settle for being the "I played with Buck Owens" guy. Jerry Brightman, though, is not a settler. This legend is once again taking the steel guitar and music to new places, and we're all invited to visit, listen, learn and love."
-Peter Cooper
Journalist and Senior Music Writer
Nashville Tennessean

"35 years ago I was stealing licks off of Buck Owens records from a 18 year old steel guitarist named Jerry Brightman. He taught me a lot about musical intuition. Since his return, his aggressive but joyful approach to music influences me once again."
-Kurt Johnston 
Bon Jovi 

"I've worked with Jerry Brightman as an artist and his endorsement of Peavey products for the past several years. His business sense simply amazes me. He has workable ideas not only concerning steel guitar, but areas that no other musician has ever mentioned, and he pursues them to the fullest with a high rate of success. Besides all of this, he is one of the greatest steel guitarists and musicians that I have ever heard!" 
-Mike Brown
Peavey Electronics Corporation

"Having  quality personnel in the studio is always  important, but having one like Jerry Brightman with his abilities to implement  ideas into the project, makes him equal to six other people.  He has added so much to the projects we have done with his knowledge and understanding of any type of music we record."
-Dennis Baxter 
Multi Platinum Award Winning Producer 

 "By choosing to avoid the "Nashville" sound of this era, Jerry  Brightman has freed himself from those constraints, allowing his versatility, originality and exceptional musical talents to flourish , expanding the frontiers of the steel. It must be sobering for a record producer to hear Jerry Brightman play for the first time on any instrument he may choose and to have his unique qualities on board for a record session!"
-Lloyd Green
Nashville's most recorded studio/steel musician

"Jerry Brightman is the definitive professional and seasoned player  He is truly a master of his instrument and a proven commodity; always contributing innovative ideas during sessions, and always a pleasure to work with."

-Dave Padrutt,

Producer for The American Greetings Corporation