Jerry Brightman's
Buck Owens

'72 - '75

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Jerry Brightman's equipment during the Buck Owens Years...

His steels:

When Jerry joined the band in 1972, he was playing a custom built, blue lacquer 8 and 2 Sho-Bud.  About 6 months later, he traded Shot Jackson, and switched to a Sho-Bud Pro with 8 and 4.  In 1973, Jerry made the switch to Emmons after doing a Tony Booth session with Jay Dee Manass in late 1972. The guitar was a D10, 8 and 4 rosewood push/pull, with a Red, White, and Blue front.  This guitar was shown many times on national TV.  Jerry added a 1974 Black push/pull, D10 8 and 4 to use in the studio.  He traveled with this guitar on his last tour in 1975 to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. The whereabouts of the red, white, and blue Emmons is un-known...The Black Emmons was sold in Australia.  The Sho-Bud Pro was given back to Shot Jackson.

His guitars:

Jerry began playing more guitar early 1973, and played an Gibson ES335 on the Tony Booth sessions.  After Don Rich died, he toured with Don's 1966 silver flake, Fender Telecaster.  In 1972, Jerry bought and had a 1969 Telecaster painted in the Red, White, and Blue scheme by Gene Moles who did all of the guitar work for Buck and The Buckaroo's.  Jerry has posted some pictures of the Red, White, and Blue Telecaster which still remains in his collection.  Needless to say, he has been offered great sums of money for this guitar due to it's historic value.  Jerry states, "My wife will get the benefit of this guitar...but I hope it's another 40 years from now before she does"

His amps:

Buck Owens always flew, so they never carried any amps.  The contract rider stated that Fender Twin Reverbs were to be provided.  Occasionally, a promoter would provide other amps for the concerts.  In the studio, Jerry occasionally used a Standel, but mostly used a "black face" Twin Reverb dated around the mid 60's.

Fender Musical Instruments announces "The Top 101" Twin Reverb Players of All Time! 

2003 marks the 40th birthday of the Twin Reverb™. Introduced in 1963, his amplifier has gone on to become one of the most recognizable amps in the Fender range. Artists from every corner of the music business have, at one time or another, played through a Twin Reverb. 
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#74. Country man Buck Owens' steel and electric guitarist, Jerry Brightman, who played with Owen's between 1972- 75, used a Twin Reverb on stage.