The Streets of Bakersfield Story

Original lyrical copy hand written by Homer Joy 
of Streets of Bakersfield, currently displayed at The Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, CA.

Posted with permission by  Homer Joy

This photo was taken by Jerry of  Don Rich on the actual day they recorded "Streets of Bakersfield"  in Buck Owens Studio and released it as a single by Buck. 
Don played a finger style dobro shown in the picture above, throughout the song.

 Homer performing with us at The Spokane Coliseum around 1973

Studio Musicians: Doyle Singer, Don Rich, Jerry Wiggins, Jerry Brightman, Jim Shaw, and  Buddy Alan
Recorded: 1973 at Buck Owens Studio's, Bakersfield, CA.
Released on Capital Records

A Brief History

I recently established contact with Homer Joy, the man who wrote The Streets of Bakersfield in 1972.  We were called in to do a demo session of some songs that had been written for Buck to review in early 1973.  We all knew as we recorded the demo, that this particular song had great potential.  Little did we know that this song would become one of Buck's most recognized recordings. 
It gives me great pleasure to have played the steel guitar on the single released by Buck in 1972 that made it into the top 10.  The photo's of Don Rich and my studio set-up, were taken the day this song was recorded for Buck's single.  I had just gotten a new camera and wanted to try it out. Little did I know how much these pictures would mean in later years.
 The song was later released as a single by Buck and Dwight Yoakam as a duo in 1988, and was re-cut with Pete Anderson, and others. When Buck and Dwight made their first public appearance together at the CMA Awards show, the original track of Buck's single was used as the newer version hadn't been recorded yet. This was the time many became re-familiar with the song as it rose to number one in the country charts. 
Thanks Homer!

Jerry Brightman

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This was Jerry Brightman's studio slot during his years with Buck and where they  recorded Buck's single version of  Streets of Bakersfield.  Jerry used a quicker version of the "Together Again" lick on the Chorus's.  Jerry used his push-pull Emmons guitar to record the song.  The other guitar shown was a Sho-Bud Pro.

More info about Jerry with Buck Owens

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